The Story

QC Scooters - Built On Passion


Here at QC Scooters, we are right in there… we are at the heart of the scooter scene!

You’re looking for what is behind this scooter craze in Canada? This is it: passionate people of the sport. You’re looking for the people that have been working in the shadows for years, even their basement, to help make the sport what it is today? This is it. We’re part of the OGs. We were there when it all started, and we are proud to say that we are still a good part of what scootering is today. You want to know who have always been in it for the sport; not just the cash? You’re looking and them right now. This is the real thing

Our goal?


Bring the Canadian scooter scene and anyone else that deals with us the best in freestyle scooter parts in the industry... at the best prices!
Bring the sport to the next level by supporting and organizing scooter competitions around the country.
Sponsor the most passionate riders of today to make them the best riders in the country by keeping them on a solid scooter, so they can keep on getting better at what they love and promote the sport.
… And offer the best customer service possible to everyone that deals with us. Because without you, the riders, we wouldn’t be here!

QC Scooters is a freestyle scooter company that has been in operation since early 2007. Now based in Montreal, Canada, it is the largest online scooter store in the country. We’re the one-stop place in Canada for all your scooter needs. QCS has been rider-owned and founded since the beginning.

If you have any qustions or concerns or if you want to ask about parts or services please contact QC Scooters anytime at: [email protected]

We will respond as quickly as possible to any of your requests.

Also, to contact us by phone, you can call us at 1-855-505-4727


Dear Freestyle Scooter Enthusiast,

I am Lloyd Bureau, proud founder and president of QC Scooters. But first, let me tell you a little something about yourself. You are probably reading this right now, because you:

1. wanted to know who is behind this website.

2. wanted to know what QC Scooters is all about.

3. don’t quite know how you landed here, but here you are…

There are no accidents.

Well I am happy you are taking the time to read this and learn a little more about who we are. Let me share our story…

As you might know, freestyle scooter riding has become one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world these past few years. In fact, its growth rate is equal or greater than skateboarding and BMX once were. But this could never have been possible without the passionate hard work and dedication of the people involved in it since the beginning. And it couldn’t be possible without you, the riders…

A company born out of a frustration… in a basement…

Like many of the greatest businesses we all know, QC Scooters started in a basement, with a few dollars and a dream. Back in the days when there was no such thing as a freestyle scooter company in Canada, and when you could count those existing around the world on one hand. That’s when it all started.

Frustrated with my ever breaking scooters

In the winter of 2007, bored from the winter and anxious to get back to riding my scooter, I thought to myself “I wish there was somewhere I could get some good parts, here in Canada. I keep breaking my scooter and I’m tired of buying a complete brand new cheaply made scooter every now and then... (At one point, I had 6 of them and I would interchange parts to get one that would ride)”, “At this rate, I will have to buy a whole scooter every two weeks... I am getting better, jumping higher and doing a wider variety of tricks. But my scooters just can’t resist.”

So one boring afternoon, I started looking at all my broken parts. I soon realized I had broken every possible part on my scooters. But they all seemed to break in the same places. It was obvious that these scooters were NOT designed for what I was doing with them. There had to be a way to make them stronger and fit to freestyle scooter riding.

I got to work. I started sketching different scooter parts with designs that I thought would be strong enough to bear the intense stress I wanted to apply on them. After a few days, I had created my own new designs for every scooter part.

Although I was very creative, creativity is not everything. You need resources to make it happen! I had been riding for 2 years at the time, mostly by myself or with a few friends, in Quebec City. But there was nobody that really shared my passion for scooters, so I was alone in this. And creating a complete scooter was going to be an enormous job, especially since, well... I’m not an engineer or a machinist!

But I had a friend that knew a machinist.

I had saved a little bit of my Christmas money, but didn’t have much to work with. I had to start small, and a complete custom made scooter was not an option. But I did have an idea I wanted to try out…

The very fist, “made for scooters” pegs, were about to be created

I had been using pegs made out of a long bolt and a few bearings for a while. But there was no such thing as pegs that were specifically made for scooters. I also had a design for barends that I wanted to try out. I figured it was a good place to start.

So, armed with a few hand drawn designs and a little bit of money, I went to meet this machinist to show him what I wanted to do. He had been making custom BMX parts for a few years, so he was happy to do the job for me. A few days later, I had my parts.

I had my hands on the very first aluminum pegs ever made exclusively for scooters.

I couldn’t have been more excited!

Sharing my passion

At first, I only wanted to have scooter parts made for myself to continue riding without trouble. But I soon realized that scooter riding had brought me so much joy, that I wanted to do something to give back to the scooter scene. If these parts were good for me, then they were good for every scooter rider in the world. I wanted to help scootering grow, I wanted more people to know about it, and most of all, I wanted to be able to show up at any park and be able to ride with other people that shared my passion. So I proceeded to create a company that would do just that. QC Scooters was born!

Going online...

I went on to have more pegs and barends made, and started to sell them on scooter forums and such. I soon realized that I needed a website to get this working correctly and reach more people. To share my innovation, I had to find a way to reach the worldwide scootering community.

I started reading on html website coding. It was a lot of work... I had a friend that knew a little more than I did on it though. So for a small price, we made the very first website together. It was nothing of what it is right now, but at the time, I was very proud of it.

QCS Pegs: a worldwide hit

A year later, I had been able to reach more riders; my pegs were a worldwide success. Riders from Canada, the US, all over Europe and Australia were riding them.

And so QC Scooters kept growing throughout the years. Other growing companies around the world started to copy my pegs, but I didn’t mind. I was in it for better scooter parts for all riders and that is what was happening.

Then the forks came out. Made out of molded, heat treated and machined aluminum, they were the first of their kind. Although they have been discontinued for the moment because of production issues they did bear a few groundbreaking innovations…

More innovations

With the coming of SCS compression systems for threadless forks, my forks included the very first integrated starnuts ever. Instead of dealing with the hassle of installing the starnut, it was already there. Then came the removable starnut; a system that used a screw-in adapter that made switching from SCS/HIC compression to ICS a breeze.

These innovations were both also copied and are used by most of the largest manufacturing companies in the industry right now. Not many people know that these things come from QC Scooters, but they do. I never made a big deal about it though. Everybody was winning with this! Remember my goal, better parts for more riders…

Then followed another first in the world: the QCS Plastic Scooter Pegs. Their innovative shape and design was also profusely copied. If you look at most of the other pegs on the market, you’ll see a close resemblance with the shape of the QCS plastic pegs. That’s where most come from.

Not every part I tried to make worked out perfectly though. The bars, even if they were more solid than the originals, were too heavy and the stem was too bulky. The deck is still a wooden model. The compression system (reversed compression system) wasn’t strong enough. I faced some quality control problems for the forks.

This is why, seeing all the other large manufacturing companies that were coming up, I started contacting them to see if I could bring in some of their parts for the Canadian scene to enjoy, without the riders having the hassle of paying a fortune in customs duties and shipping. Although the focus was expanding, it was still in line with the original goal: better parts for more riders.

Since then, QC Scooters has been focusing on providing the scooter scene with the best parts, scooters and apparel, at the best prices.

Our goal from here on?

Our goal from here on is to keep paving the way for the future of freestyle scootering, and keep working towards its recognition as one of the greatest extreme sports of this era. And seeing how it is going now, together, we are turning extreme sports upside down... and Sky is the limit. Literally. We’re not even half way through this revolution!