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AO Stealth Deck

AO Stealth Deck

The Stealth is the first model of AOäó»s new VM (vertically machined) deck series.

It features extra-long, U-shaped welds which increase the welding area for about 30%. The welds are aligned with the center beams for maximum stiffness and the extra wide neck base increases leverage and lateral support. The neck and head tube are forged out a solid block of aluminum.

The completely flat Stealth deck is perfectly balanced and light weight and comes with grind rails to reduce friction and boost grinding speed making it the perfect deck for street.

Other features are a machined headset opening for a precise fit, high tensile chromoly axle bolts, slightly rounded side walls to prevent injuries and a curved stainless steel flex brake to prevent flat spots on your wheel.

The best part however is its super long deck. With a length of up to 22 Œ_äó? (565 mm) it gives you more foot space, more pop on bunny hops and more grinding surface.


  • Forged neck and head tube
  • Vertically machined neck beams
  • Extra wide neck base for maximum stiffness
  • Advanced U-shaped weld design
  • 30% increased welding area
  • 30% stronger center beams
  • 10% thicker top and bottom wall thickness
  • Welds sitting on center beams
  • Headset fit machined after anodizing for precise fit