Scooter deck for freestyle scooter, Black

Apex Deck - Scooter Deck

Our deck has been designed around our riders over the last 3 years. We have analyzed the best features of all the top decks on the market and added our inventions and ideas to come up with the all Australian Made Apex Deck.
New Apex Brake made from Heat Treated Spring Steel, rounded to keep the shape of the wheel. Rear Axle Bolt
Bolt in Rear Wheel Spacers, New never seen before.We have maximized the foot room on the deck, there is typically 10 - 15mm more foot space.


  • Apex Custom 6082 Australian Aluminium Extrusion
  • Head tube Angle : 82.
  • Option 1- 19.5
  • Length 580mm 22.83 Wheelbase.Foot space 350mm
  • Option 2- 20.3
  • Length 600mm 23.62 Wheelbase Foot Space 370mm
  • Option 3- 20.3
  • Robbie Menzies Signature Deck
  • Length 600mm 23.62 Wheelbase Foot Space 370mm


  • Width 114.3mm (4.5)
  • Weight Between 1235 & 1285 grams (depending on length)
  • Integrated Deck
  • TIG Hand Welded
  • Post Weld Heat Treated to T6
  • All components are CNC machined and bent
  • Anodised Black
  • Laser Etched
  • Rails for stability for grinding
  • Flat sides for finger whips
  • Extra Space between the wheel and deck.
  • Colour Black