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Envy 2015 KOS Heist Complete Scooter

Envy 2015 KOS Heist Complete Scooter

The new 2015 model Envy Heist scooter is a fantastic out of the box scooter. Featuring a whole range of upgraded features from the 2014 model, the new Envy KOS Heist scooter is designed for all types of riding. The Envy Heist scooter comes in Blue with Silver trim and is a perfect all-round scooter.
  • 6 Series ALU KOS High Polished deck | angle 82.5 | Width 113mm/4.45äó_ | length 505mm/20äó_ |Bolt on Flex Brake
  • IHC SOBV2 Teal forks
  • High Polished 7 Series Reaper Aluminium Bars 580mm/23äó_High x 560mm/22äó_wide
  • Envy TPR Handgrips with Nylon Barends
  • 2 Bolt Envy Teal Clamp
  • Fully Sealed Integrated Headset
  • 120mm Metal Core wheels 86A PU
  • High Quality Envy LOGO Griptape
  • Weight 3.4kgs / 7.5 pounds