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Ethic Lindworm Deck

Ethic Lindworm Deck

Introducing one of the worlds most talked about upcoming brands... Ethic DTC!

Ethic has been striving to create a range of quality products at decent prices, using only the best materials out there. These products have been designed using only rider's opinions with every decision, create an incredibly reliable brand.ξ

With a weight of only 1.37KG, the Lindworm Deck is one of the lightest decks out on the market. The 6082 heat treated T6 Aluminium used for the deck is 10% more resistant that the standard 6061 used in most decks.


- 6082 T6 Aluminium Alloy
- Forged Headtube: 82.5ŒÁ angle
- Just 1.37kg
- One of a kind design!
- Requires a fully integrated headset.