Fasen Team MINI - Scooter Deck OIlslick Full View

Fasen Team MINI - Scooter Deck

Product Description
The latest Fasen Team Scooter Decks are finally here now at RIpped Knees. These new fasen team decks have long been in the testing and are also now available on our custom builder. They come in designs from Edy, Mini and the legendary Vincent models, made from some of the best and strongest material about, you can be confident of shredding on a top end product.
Check the specs below for more details.
Weight : 1.5kg (3.3lbs)
Deck length : 510mm (20.07”)
Deck width : 120mm (4.72”)
Footspace : 350mm (13.77”)
Wheel size compatibility : Up to 120mm