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MGP RWilly 3D Forged Bars - 25" x 27" - Black

MGP RWilly 3D Forged Bars - 25" x 27" - Black

MGP Ryan Williams Bars


  • Madd Gear Ryan Williams Bars 21" Black
  • Extreme product tested by Ryan Williams on the Nitro Circus "Giganta" Ramp.
  • One of the most highly anticipated scooter bars to ever come out.
  • The only Hydro-formed one piece scooter bar in the world.
  • Super lightweight and durable 6061-T6 alloy. 1 piece, 3D Forged Alloy bar, 1 piece, NO WELDS or JOINTS
  • Oversized outside diameter
  • standard inside diameter
  • Specific to IHC compression forks or SCS compression
  • 1.98 lbs
  • Black and White Nylon R-Willy bar-ends and alloy shim included.
  • Œæ

    The most talked about product EVER in the sport of freestyle scooters has finally been released by Madd Gear!

    Designed by the sports most popular professional rider, Ryan Williams, the all new R Willy signature bars from MGP are the future of freestyle scooter technology.

    The Ryan Williams, R Willy Signature Bar from Madd Gear have an oversized external diameter and will only safely work with SCS compression (SCS clamp must be able to take oversized bars).

    The bars are a massive 670mm high x 635mm wide and weigh a meer 0.95kg!

    Hear what Ryan Wiliams himself has to say about his signature R Willy Bars from Madd Gear!

    "Hey R Willy Here!
    First things first, thanks for buying my signature bar and supporting what I do! You, my fans, are the true reason why I continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and risk my life to prove that our sport deserves to be respected just as much as any other extreme sport!ξBy purchasing my signature bar you directly help to support me and the progression of my riding, and for that I am forever grateful.ξWhen I designed these bars I didn't want to just bring out any old set of bars... they needed to be cutting edge and be something special, something that had never been done before.ξMy signature bars are the only completely one peice design with the entire bar being hydro formed out of a single peice of aluminium.ξThis process makes for a super strong construction and also one of the lightest bars on the market.ξThese bars have been years in the making and I have been personally testing them on the Nitro Circus Gigantaramp (and now Triganta Ramp) for well over 12 months! After many revisions I can now confidentally say... my signature bars are ready! R Willy."ξ