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Phoenix Reventon V2 Deck

Phoenix Reventon V2 Deck

Made in the USA!

The Phoenix Reventon V2 Deck is the best deck that Phoenix has to offer. ξEvery spec is designed for maximum use.

The wide, flat bottom allows for optimal grinding balance. ξThe front of the deck has a concaved cut to help better control overcrook grinds. ξThe rear dropouts have been beefed up for better feeble grinds. ξThe gooseneck has been widened and gusseted to support more weight. ξThe Reventon V2 Deck comes with 6 degress of concave for added foot control.

The Phoenix Reventon V2 deck only comes 4.65" wide to accommodate larger riders. ξThe 21" and 22" lengths allow as much footspace as possible. The Reventon V2's are cut and shaved down in critical areas to help reduce weight and increase the balance.

- Width - 4.65 inches

- Length - 21 or 22 inches

- Headtube angle of 82.5 degrees

- Phoenix custom 6061-T6 Aluminum extrusion for ultimate strength to weight and balance

- Modified Reventon downtube reduces weight

- 6 degrees of concave for optimal traction and control